EasyDPS is the industry standard for interfacing to the Defense Personal Property System (DPS).

EasyDPS lets you focus on what you do best: moving our service members. Our software aggregates SCAC management, making it easy to manage all your shipments in one place. Control quality, increase customer satisfaction and monitor agent performance with automatic CSS downloads and reporting tools. Easily connect and exchange data with everyone involved in your move, from agent to claims adjusters, and everyone in between. Manage your blackouts, process your claims, and submit billing effortlessly, increasing productivity and simplifying your workflow.

The new EasyDPS interface includes mobile applications for your shippers and your operations managers.

EasyDPS is backed by our EDC Experience philosophy.

Learn more about the software your competitors can’t do business without at , or contact us to see the software in action.

Two-way interface to DPS
Taking the stress out of DPS