A world of opportunities
Our products and services are backed by our EDC Experience philosophy
Agile Development Industry Based
You know your business better than your software vendor so your software should reflect your business and be a conduit to your growth. At EDC, every user has a voice in shaping the software they use every day. Our innovation stems from listening to our customers and our ability to address their business challenges.
Extreme Programming Connected
In today’s world, constant communication with your customers and partners is crucial to your company’s ability to stay competitive, be relevant, and grow. From your EDC system, you are connected to your customers, agents, and partners in real time via a transportation communication network that brings you the resources that you need at your fingertips, enabling you to increase your productivity, anticipate and be responsive to your customers’ needs, and to explore new opportunities and venues for growth.
Interaction Design Customer service
As you face today’s ever shifting business environment, you need to know that your software vendor is an extension of your business, not an unknown cost. In EDC, you will find a partner at your side that listens, anticipates your business needs, proposes solutions, cheers your growth, and continues to innovate.
Interaction Design Mobile
As much of your business happens outside of your company headquarters, you and your staff need to be mobile while remaining productive and connected to each other and your customers. The ever-evolving and growing EDC mobile applications for your customers, crews, and operations team are the solutions to your business needs for mobility, responsiveness, and accountability on-the-go.